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Maverick introduces Microsoft Surface Hub "As A Service"


AV distribution experts Maverick is launching "As A Service"; a new purchasing model that will futureproof meeting room environments, making collaboration solutions available as semi permanent investments.

This revolutionary move from Europe’s largest distributor in the AV sector will drive a greater focus on service, value, adoption and enhance deployment scales, designed to respond to the growing demand for collaboration solutions in the corporate and education worlds over the next 12 months.

This is being offered by Maverick through a simple to use system with an automated front end that allows the system to be customised by channel partners and scaled for the specific environment. Designed to make products quickly accessible without long purchasing cycles and provide a cost effective investment model that exactly meets the needs of each user.

This new initiate is launching with Microsoft Surface Hub ‘as a Service’, in response to a high level of demand for the product in its first 9 months of shipping. The subscription-based model will include initial investment and configuration costs.

Jon Sidwick, VP of Maverick Europe explains:

"This service is a real channel game changer for the collaboration market. Many companies offer various forms of leasing; our process is far more sophisticated and accessible. We will be kicking off this service in partnership with Microsoft to offer Surface Hub As A Service. This will enable resellers to access a subscription model then only have the Hub in place for as long as they need. When a next generation model becomes available, they can simply switch without any large upfront costs. The successful implementation of this type of program will create a far quicker sales cycle with more sophisticated solutions. This combined with the positive impact on cash flow really makes it a strong reseller service."